The Beat: A Gator Legend Earns His Place In History

Quote of the Week

“People at UF are dynamic and open-minded. Professors are among the most kind, thoughtful intellectuals in the world.” – Jane Sun, UF alumna and CEO of CTrip, Asia’s largest online travel agency.


Hall Of Fame, Oh My!

What does Mick Hubert have in common with Roy Jones Jr., Justin Gatlin, and Gary Sheffield? They’re all members of the Florida Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2018!

“I was totally shocked when (Hall of Fame executive director) Wayne Hogan called me with the news and it was of the few times this sportscaster was speechless,” Hubert said of his induction. “It is the highest professional honor I have ever received. I am very humbled to join not only the other Gators, but everyone else who has been previously elected.”

For many of us, Mick is the sound of fall. It’s impossible to think of Gators games without him getting everyone hyped. Shoot, we couldn’t tell you the number of times we’ve muted Gary Danielson and the CBS crew so we can listen to Mick Hubert instead.

He has become to UF what Larry Munson was to UGA and Woody Durham was to UNC: a figure synonymous with the program.

We’re so genuinely happy for Mick, his entire family, and his colleagues for this honor.

Favorite Calls

To celebrate, here are some of our favorite calls (at least the ones we could find online). Enjoy going down the rabbit hole!

Mick Hubert: True Legend


Startup Roundup

Every once in a while we like to showcase some UF startups who are doing awesome things. One, because it’s another way to show the impact Gators are making on the world. And two, because we’re a startup too — game recognizes game, ya know.

Viewray Inc

UF startup Viewray Inc has partnered with European cancer service provider GenesisCare to deliver Great Britain’s first MR-guided radiotherapy systems. The systems will enable oncologists to track the position and shape of tumors during cancer treatment.

“Combining an MR scanner with a linear accelerator is the way of the future in radiotherapy, allowing us to see – for the first time – what’s really happening inside the body during treatment,” said Aldo Rolfo, executive manager for GenesisCare Europe.

You know, just some Gators revolutionizing global cancer therapy, no big deal (kind of a big deal!).

More on the partnership here

Breathtec Biomedical

Breathtec Biomedical is in the business of making better breathalyzers. And we’re not talking DUI checkpoint stuff here. Breathtec creates non-invasive medical screening devices that can detect health issues by using gas-phase ions and atmospheric pressure.

Heady stuff, right?!

Anywho, the company is plugging right along and has just developed V3 of its breathalyzer!

Watch What Breathtec Is All About (it’s pretty sweet)

Sun BioPharma

Biopharmaceutical startup Sun BioPharma presented its latest study at an American Pancreatic Association meeting.

In its studies, Sun has created a drug that, “reduce swelling and inflammation in the pancreas,” said Dr. Michael Walker, Sun’s Director of Pancreatic Research.

Pancreatitis, Gators have got you in their crosshairs!

More About Sun’s Pancreatitis Research


Gator Tracks

Here’s a smattering of articles, images, and all things Gators from the week. Enjoy!

Must Read Of The Week

Block out a few minutes to read this lovely article from Gillian Sweeney, who spent 24 hours in Library West to see what the library’s circadian rhythms are like. Kudos to the Alligator editor who greenlit this.

Read article here

Cooked Bird

If the Gamecocks weren’t already dead after choking away Saturday’s game, the Charleston Gator Club just finished the job.

Flu Shots

Anyone who’s been pregnant during flu season knows how much havoc that pesky virus can cause. Here’s an interesting discussion of the flu and pregnancy from UF pediatrician Dr. Sonja Rasmussen.

Watch why the flu shot is so important

Strengthening Communities

In the wake of 2010’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill, UF jumped into action with the Healthy Gulf, Healthy Communities project, intended to help costal communities in Alabama and Florida get back on their feet. The project has now been recognized with the prestigious W.K. Kellogg Foundation Community Engagement Scholarship Award!

Read more about the award here

Peanuuuuut, Peanut Butter

UF volunteers and members of the Florida Peanut Federation helped deliver 36,000 jars of peanut butter to food banks and Panhandle families affected by Hurricane Michael.

Watch the volunteers in action


Sports Corner

Gator Nation Football Podcast

The South Carolina game was a classic Will Muschamp performance: defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. Fortunately for us, we were on the right side of things this time around.

In this week’s pod, James and Allen jump into an interesting discussion of Feleipe Franks’ relationship with fans, and look at what we can (hopefully) expect out of Emory Jones against Idaho. What better way to end your week?!

Listen to the podcast here

Mr. Two Bits: Dave Kratzer

In honor of Veteran’s Day week, UF has called on one of the most distinguished administrators in school history, Dave Kratzer, to be Honorary Mr. Two Bits. A former director of the Reitz Union and vice president of student affairs, Kratzer was called into active military duty following the events of September 11, 2001. After tours in Kuwait and Afghanistan, the major general retired having earned the Army Distinguished Service Medal, the Bronze Star, and the Global War on Terrorism Medal.

With deep ties to UF, Kratzer is excited to lead cheers for this year’s “Saluting Those Who Serve” game.

“I am so honored,” Kratzer said. “I feel like I’m doing this on behalf of veterans and anyone who has served, but also, being at the University of Florida since 1986 and knowing how special this place is, it’s just an amazing opportunity. I’m going to relish every second.”

Six Bits

  1. Leah Braswell, Vanessa Pearl, and Kelly Fertel all swam into UF’s record books at the Georgia Tech Invitational.
  2. Former golf coach Buddy Alexander has been inducted to the Florida State Golf Association Hall of Fame!
  3. We enjoyed this inspirational story about the cross country team’s surprising dream season.
  4. UF ranked No. 8 nationally in Graduation Success Rates (GSR), with women’s basketball, women’s golf, lacrosse and soccer all notching perfect scores!
  5. Men’s basketball just inked a top-10 recruiting class for 2019!
  6. Former Gator gunner Bradley Beal became the youngest player in NBA history to hit 900 three-point field goals (crazy to think Real Deal Beal is still only 25)!


UFact of the Week

International students and scholars at UF represent more than 154 countries! Not only is Gator Nation everywhere, Gator Nation is from everywhere!

See y’all next week!

Go Gators!