The Beat: That’s Our President!

Quote of the Week

“Our top priority is ensuring all Florida students have the skills necessary to reach their academic, career and life goals.” – Florida Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart commending UF for its STEM education training.


That’s Our President!

President Fuchs is the absolute best. His latest bit of awesomeness comes in the form of a ride along with Alligator multimedia editor Mackenzie Behm. Think: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee meets Carpool Karaoke.

The video is about six minutes long, and further proves the fact that Fuchs is a man of the people. We’ve linked the video at the bottom, but here are some of our favorite moments.

  • President Fuchs admitting that he can’t go to Publix without taking a few selfies
  • President Fuchs showing his love for day-after Thanksgiving sandwiches
  • The president BSing his way through his coffee order
  • A stoked barista yelling, “That’s my president!”
  • An impromptu Tom Petty singalong
  • Random compliments
  • A Go Gators as natural as day

We’ve said it a million times, and we’ll say it again: this man is a fantastic ambassador for our great university.

Watch the video of President Fuchs here


New Tradition?

We received an email from alumnus Bob Mack, who had a wonderful idea for a new tradition. Bob does a lot of research for his radio shows on WFCF, Flagler College Radio (according to WFCF’s site, you can check him out on Saturdays at 2 p.m.), and found a song that’d be great for the band to play.

The track is called, wait for it, “Alligator.” It’s a nice jazz number performed by Kelley Love and The Pandemonia Orchestra — the second track on their 1999 album Foolin’. Bob sent us a copy of the song, and he nailed it. It’s an upbeat ditty that’s super easy to visualize the Pride of the Sunshine playing during a themed halftime.

We’re all about it, especially if it’s followed by the Grateful Dead’s song “Alligator” off Anthem of the Sun! Maybe the right eyes will catch this suggestion and start getting the band together for our bowl game.

Thanks for the email and the great idea, Bob!


Gator Tracks

Here’s a smattering of articles, images, and all things Gators from the week. Enjoy!

Scoot Scoot

We all think it, and our guy Scooter Magruder puts it into words. Once again, Scooter captured what it was like watching us stomp a mud hole in FSU. It’s like watching yourself watch the game!

Watch: Gator Fans During the FSU Game

The Other Paul Simon

UF is one of only five institutions to win the Senator Paul Simon Award for Comprehensive Internationalization. Per its website, “the Paul Simon Award is presented to institutions with specific innovative international programs or initiatives.”

In other words we have one of the baddest international programs in the entire country!

More on the award here

30 Under 30

UF alumnus Ryan Delk has been named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list for Consumer Technology! Here’s what Forbes had to say about Ryan:

“Ryan Delk is currently Chief Operating Officer of Omni, a rentals and item management company that’s raised $35 million from investors like 8VC and Highland Capital. Delk joined Omni in 2015 as VP of Growth & Business Development. A year later, he became Head of Product and launched Omni’s search and rentals features, which turned the business from a storage company into also a rentals network. Originally from Atlanta, Delk considers his greatest achievement his family, including his wife Tori and 9-month-old son Wes.”

Oh yeah, did we mention that Ryan is 27? We were still trying to figure out how to tie our shoes at that age, so kudos to him! Safe to say we’ll be seeing him and Omni on the Gator 100 this year.

More from Forbes 30 under 30

Black Holes

This week’s mind-blowing read comes from NASA and UF assistant professor Laura Blecha, who has studied 20 years of images from the Hubble Space Telescope and created a simulation to learn how galaxies can merge.

“Computer simulations of galaxy smashups show us that black holes grow fastest during the final stages of mergers, near the time when the black holes interact, and that’s what we have found in our survey,” said Blecha. “The fact that black holes grow faster and faster as mergers progress tells us galaxy encounters are really important for our understanding of how these objects got to be so monstrously big.”

If you’re at all interested in the cosmos, check this one out. We always thought that galaxies were more or less static, aaaaaand boy were we wrong!

More on black holes here


Sports Corner

Gator Nation Football Podcast

Anyone else still smiling over the whooping we laid on FSU? 41-14 sure seems to be a good score for our program, eh?

In the latest Gator Nation Football Podcast, James and Allen put our enjoyment into words. They also look at what we can take away from this season, and forecast what direction the program is heading. Two more hours of Gator football talk to hold us over to the early signing period? Yes, please!

Listen to the podcast here

Six Bits

    1. Bookmark this visual recap of our Doak Demolition job (seriously, it’s gorgeous!).
    2. Really sucks (even more than usual) to be a Nole right now, with volleyball knocking FSU out of the NCAA Tournament. By the way, did we mention it was a clean sweep?!
    3. Looking at the numbers from the past two seasons, really puts into perspective just how awful McElwain was at coaching offense (sorry, not sorry Clarabelle)!
    4. Senior offensive lineman Fred Johnson and junior libero Allie Gregory have been named to their sports’ respective SEC Community Service teams.
    5. Paige Hammons, Taelor Kellum and Rachael Kramer all made their way onto the All-SEC Volleyball Team, and Thayer Hall was named to the SEC All-Freshmen Team.
    6. New women’s swim coach Jeff Poppell has revitalized the program, and people are starting to take notice!


UFact of the Week

UF volleyball coach Mary Wise is responsible for roughly 85% of the wins in program history. We’ve won, at the very least, 25 matches in each of the 28 years she’s led the program. Talk about a living legend.

See y’all next week!

Go Gators!